Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whats Up!

Well hello everyone, its me Mike! It looks like Megan hasn't done any new posts for a while so i thought i would do one for fun. So things are great with us we have officially moved into G-Ma and G-Pa Jorgensens basement. Most of our stuff is in storage but we did manage to fit alot of stuff into that already packed basement. Grandma loves to chat every time that we go upstairs, and the basement is not to bad but just a little colder. hahaha We don't really know what to call it, so we just call it our basement instead of Home! haha But for the most part it is good just free rent and saving money, and it feels good.
I am almost done with my first semester of College at BYU-Idaho, and i can say that i am ready for the break, and then 10 days later hittin the books again with a new semester for the summer! Thats about it right now but i will let Meg, fill in the things that i missed or add more to what i have said! thanks for reading everyone, i like making an apreance every now and then haha. Have a good day!