Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's Official!

To Grandparents house we go.
OK so we have been talking lately about how we HATE with a passion paying rent. I mean we have lived in our apartment for only 4 months and have paid over $2,000! that my friends is a LOT of money...that we don't have might i add. So we've been tossing the idea of buying a house around, and both our families agreed that this was a great time econ wise to buy a house, and with the first time home owners stimulus plan it was an amazing idea or super easy to do....or so we thought. so the hunt was on....we where going to find us a great, cute, little, and cheap house to purchase. well last Saturday we drove ALL over town and raided the Internet looking for house's, and we found a lot of them...cute, little, but not cheap. and then we found some little, ugly, and scary ones that where cheap! great right! and i even fell in love with some not so in our price range beauties! just my luck right. right! so a few tears where shed...late night talks where had, lots of praying, and lots of calls to our parents where made. well with no luck and no money the hunt stopped. no house for us, at least now that is. some day we keep saying. but now we where back to square one....paying rent! ugh! we had to decide fast what we where going to do....our contract ends the beginning of May-or so we thought! so Monday, the day after we gave up our fight, mike gets a call from our land lord....turns out we are done at the end of THIS month!!!!! um...that's an important detail we did not know[or remember]. what were we going to do-i was NOT paying rent that goes to nothing anymore! so with some kind ideas from my mom and some confirmation from mikes parents and a very loving set of grandparents the plan was set...at the end of this month[March] we will be moved partly into storage and the rest, along with ourselves moved into gma and gpa jorgy's home! and we could be more excited! for real! i know it's not super sweet or anything but it kinda is....we only 'plan' on being there till we get back from Hawaii[the middle of Oct] but who knows, even just those few months we will be saving and paying off so much and i'm thrilled about that, even if it means not having my 'own' place. I'm hoping that gma will teach me a few things...sewing, baking, gardening....stuff like that! only time will tell and I'll keep you all very posted about our adventures to come!


Tricia said...

Sounds like a great plan for you guys. Even just a few months without rent can pay off a lot of debt, and that will just put you that much more ahead when you do find the perfect house :)!

Jorgensen Family said...

Sounds like a plan! We've done it and lived to tell about it.

What's in hawaii?