Friday, March 6, 2009

all dressed in white.

My mom's ward did an enrichment that was about the [4] white dresses....blessing, baptism, wedding, and temple. They asked me to be the wedding girl...and i was totally all for getting back into my dress[and i stayed in it all night!] haha it was so fun and so great to hear the amazing stories and blessings that they ladies told about there daughters[there where 4 of us, and our moms]. They also did a fashion show in which the laurels showed off modest wedding dresses, and they had all the little 8 year old girls wear there baptism dresses.
[good job lesa! you did amazing!!!]


Tricia said...

I heard it was awesome. I wish I could have been there. Lesa does a great job on everything. You still look great in your dress :)!

Lesa said...

Megan, Your a sweetheart thanks for the nice comment and thank you again for helping me you did awesome and I was so excited to see you in your wedding dress since I wasnt at your wedding. The pictures are so cute,you guyd look like angels.