Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ear Wax Explination.

Ok so i'll explain what the crap an ear wax candle is. haha i'm really surprised that no one knew what they where but let me enlighten you all about the wonders of the ear wax candle. and e.w.c. is a candle made of some material from like Egypt or something like that i'm really not sure where but you lay down, stick it in your ear, place a towel over you[so that in case it flakes off it doesn't burn you or your hair], then you light it and wait for the magic to happen. you start to hear a crackling sound, that's a good and gross sign. it means that it's sucking up all the blockage and ear wax that is sitting in your ear. you cut it off ever 2 inches or so till it's about 3-4 inches tall, cut off flame and then remove from ear. cut open and see the sick, gross, and amazing junk that was blocking your ear! it's seriously the sickest but coolest thing that you will ever do. i don't recommend that you do it often because you do need some wax in your ears but every now and then it's a wonder! i do them every time i get sick, because my ears don't drain when i'm sick and they get all gross and i can't help it but i have to do something to clean them out. and ta-dah this is it! i highly recommend them! they help you hear better too! haha so there you go, any questions just ask!


Darci said...

Thank you for the enlightenment! I will have to try it sometime!

Brittany said...

So I kinda had an idea about what that whole thing is about, but thanks for the clarification. Not sure I will be trying it any time soon though :)

Kristen said...

I think it woul dbe cool to try. Do you have to get certain things to light? I guess I am just slow, cuz I don't get it completely.