Friday, December 28, 2007

Long time, no talk...

ok ok so i haven't been on this in a long time, i mean i check a few other peoples every once in a while but i haven't been on my in a while we go.......

*thanksgiving was YUMMY-as normal my family just staid home and hung around[love it!]

*i got a new car, although i currently don't have a real picture of it but this is basically what it looks's a black, 4-door,2008,Mazda 3 and i LOVE it to death!! it's totally worth every penny i spent!!


ok so i LOVE with everything that i have the Christmas season, i love everything about it-even the crowds[for the most part] and this winter i have gotten to do a lot of the things that i are just a few of what my winter has been like.....


i hope everyone had a great holiday season...HAPPY NEW YEAR!
love yas,

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